Welcome to River Delta

Partnerships for a more equitable future

River Delta is a collection of four closely related initiatives. Each aims to address a different missing component in traditional approaches for service design and digital transformation.

The Collective offers mentorship, peer-to-peer partnership, and personal development

The Agency collaborates with established organizations solving problems and providing advice

The Labs provides support for early-stage, socially impactful companies and organizations

The Studio builds and curates a collection of tools, services, and products that can readily be reused

Our vision

Often technology is so focused on making money that organizations serving our communities are overlooked and left behind.

Our team

We are a group of women who connected over our shared disappointment in traditional digital consultancies and were dedicated to imagining a more meaningful and impactful alternative. After months of lamenting what wasn't working, we decided to jump in and create River Delta. In all of our work, we operate on set of three pillars: equity, community, and humility.

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Our Zero Profit model

We are the creators of the Zero Profit model. This means our focus is reducing costs to partners while providing the best service.

We don't have uninvolved shareholders who are care about profit. All of our revenue goes only to salaries and small overhead costs (website, accounting, etc.). This allows our partners to keep money where it matters the most: the community.

Money doesn't drive us, and we truly belive that your success is our success. We look forward to partnering with you to build a better future - a more equitable future.

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